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Navigate through life with the help of astrology
Hint is the leader (#1) in the multibillion astrology/palmistry/numerology market
(by downloads or/-and revenues).
The Hint is your guide to a better understanding of yourself and those around you. Navigate through life with the help of astrology, and start exploring your personality. By following our daily insights coupled with guidance from professional astrologers, you will discover what the stars have in store for you.
According to Apptopia, APC is the #3 app in terms of revenue (after Tinder and Bumble) and the #4 app in terms of downloads across all apps in the Lifestyle segment of the US and many other markets. About $2.5m revenue per month

Product insights

It's also the first astrology app recognized and featured on Apple WWDC 2019.
No. 1 most downloaded app this year, Astrology & Palmistry Coach, saw 3.3 million installs in 2019. Astrology & Palmistry Coach, which generated 35.3% of the top 10's revenue for the year, or approximately $14 million.